Case Studies

A successful switch to Smart Currency Business

By Smart Currency January 16th, 2012

Chances are that if you have been to a large exhibition, conference or trade show recently, you have seen the handiwork of this Northamptonshire-based client. The specialist exhibition stands and display systems manufacturer has been operating since 1970, and is renowned worldwide in the events and exhibitions industry for its suite of display and branding solutions.

With a network spanning 56 countries, they have a long history of making international money transfers. More than two years ago, the company began using the services of international payment specialist Smart Currency Business, having previously used its bank to make overseas payments. The benefits of the transition have been swift and wide-reaching.

Their Finance Director explains that it was an initial decision to try something different that has yielded great rewards: “Smart Currency Business contacted us and asked about how we processed our foreign payments. We weren’t interested in using a third party for a number of years and instead used our normal bank, however Smart Currency Business made the process sound much more straightforward, so we changed our mindset to pursue things with them and have used them ever since.”

The company predominantly trades in US dollars in order to pay the invoices of its US-based sister company. Since late 2011 the firm, which employs more than 450 people, traded close to $US400,000 through Smart Currency Business, a rise on the amount traded the previous year.

When asked what enticed them to stay with Smart Currency Business since first trialling its service, they don’t hesitate in his reply: “It is Smart Currency Business’s approach more than anything. They have made the process of making international payments much simpler and faster. We don’t have the delays we used to face, and we have made substantial cost savings on both the exchange rate we receive and the bank charges that we no longer have to pay. We also benefited greatly from a forward contract we placed last year, which is something we are looking at taking up again.”

He also points out the high quality, efficient service he has received since signing up, and the wider benefits this has achieved.

“Being with Smart Currency Business has also saved us plenty of downtime. Instead of us having to put through foreign payments with complex procedures, and pay beneficiary charges for the privilege, it is now just a process of a phone call to confirm the rate and an email to approve the transaction.”

He adds: “I would definitely recommend using Smart Currency Business to make international payments. Carl Hasty (our personal trader) is very personable, compared to the in-your-face sales tactics of many other business-to-business service providers, and it is just great to do business with the company!”

For more information, get in touch with the team at Smart Currency Business, contact us on 020 7898 0500 or email