Webinar: Revenue Risk In International Supply Chain Challenges

The political and economic uncertainty of 2017 has been pretty astonishing when you think about it. The triggering of Article 50, the inauguration of Donald Trump, the calling of a UK snap election, the geopolitical tensions between the US and North Korea…the list goes on.

All of these events (and more besides) have had the effect of moving currencies in totally unpredictable directions – who would have thought that the euro would be consistently outperforming the US dollar and sterling at the turn of the year?

Naturally, this uncertainty has been tough on businesses with exposure to foreign currencies. One of our currency specialists, Kevin Bottwood has joined forces with SEKO’s EMEA Chief Operating Officer, Keith O’Brien to present the latest in our series of webinars.

They’ll discuss how the economic climate and political uncertainty is affecting different sectors, how currency volatility is impacting on profitability and the challenges this poses to the logistics and supply chain sector.

Watch the webinar by clicking the video below: