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USD: Fed likely to keep rates on hold this month, but what about December?

By Callum Holmes November 1st, 2017

The saga surrounding the Trump campaign team appears to be hotting up but, as yet, it has had little impact on the markets. Aside from the charges brought on Monday, nothing much else has happened, but it is fair to say we can expect some additional fall out given the situation has only just reared its head.

There were no major releases yesterday, but it was clear at the beginning of the week that Wednesday would be the main focus. For the big release of the week for US economic data is later today, as the Federal Reserve will meet to make a decision on whether or not to increase interest rates.

It is unlikely that Fed Chair Janet Yellen and her colleagues will hike rates this time, but there it is expected there will be an increase in December. If there is further confirmation to this effect, we could see some strengthening in the dollar.