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Trade Finance companies provide you with the funds you need to continue trading whilst bridging the gap between production, cash flow and sales income, allowing your company to continue to grow.

The benefits:

  • Frees up your cash flow
  • Provides you with funding to generate growth
  • Eases supply chain management
  • Improves business-to-supplier relationships
  • Allows you to manage suppliers on better terms

How can we help?

Smart Currency Business is dedicated to supporting the growth of SMEs and we recognise trade finance as a key financial service that can support this growth. The World Trade Organisation has found that 80-90% of businesses rely on trade finance as an alternative source of financing. It is not unusual for businesses to experience these type of issues, so don’t let it hold your company back.


“I no longer have to wait for payment.”
Jon, Electrical Engineer

“Has greatly increased our cash flow and profitability.”
Matt, Solar Panel Importer

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