After the Budget debacle, will growth follow?

Within a month of publishing our Quarterly Forecast the UK’s economic plans were overturned. This triggered volatility in the currency markets but has ultimately been to sterling’s gain. The new chancellor has postponed the long-awaited Autumn Statement to 17th November, after this week’s interest rate decision from the Bank of England.

The market’s recent uncertainty illustrates exactly why it is important to stay well informed about what’s happening with currencies.

Read our latest Quarterly Forecast, for October to December, to see what major banks are predicting, as well as what our experts are saying about 2023 and beyond.

In this report you will find:

  • Higher hikes for the BoE’s interest rate’
  • The midterms and the US dollar
  • Will European industry suffer power outages?
  • Most extreme currency predictions on record

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