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Smart Currency Business on Commercial Lending

We work closely with businesses that share our goals of helping companies to succeed. Commercial lenders are a prime example, given the importance of financing and cash flow in business growth.

By working with Smart Currency Business, you and your clients will benefit from tailored currency exchange strategies that will help to reduce and demystify currency exchange costs, streamline the process and speed of payments, improve reporting and significantly decrease the operational burden.

Working With Commercial Lenders on Currency Exchange

Smart Currency Business has been leading the way in offering tailored solutions to commercial lenders for their currency transactions. From trade finance and invoice discounting, through to asset-based lending, we fully understand the sector and variety of operations.

We appraise each business individually on its systems, processes and requirements, with a view to eliminating currency risk and optimizing strategy. In our experience implementation of one of our market-leading, bespoke strategies will bring to your business technological scale, process efficiency and recognition from your clients.

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In addition to all the advantages we have outlined, we have further defined the benefits in the table below:

Your Business
Your Clients
  ‘Straight Through’ Efficiency
  Pricing Transparency
  Cost Reduction
  Additional Revenue Stream
  Protecting Profits
  Reporting Optional
  Bespoke API

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